Went from 16% to 5% Body Fat
Occupation:Digital Marketing/Web Development
Hometown:Mukilteo, WA
Starting Weight:242
Ending Weight:210
Starting Body Fat:16%
Ending Body Fat:5%

How much weight and bodyfat did you lose ?

My starting weight in the beginning of January of 2019 was 242 lbs with a body fat percentage of around 16%. The goal was to get me at around 210 lbs and around the 5% body fat mark a few days before the Emerald Cup bodybuilding show. Bud placed me on a 16 competition contest prep plan and it worked perfectly.

When did you make the decision to get back on the stage again after a 25 year layoff from bodybuilding competition?

I had thought about competing again often in the last few years, however it was after my father passed that made me realize a lot of things about life, how short and fragile it really is that I felt it was the time for me to settle some unfinished business. Even though I was much older and had suffered from three quad tendon ruptures, I had the burning desire again to get back on the stage and see how I would fair.


What was the most challenging thing you had to deal with this competition prep?

When I first started, I thought this was going to be the hardest bodybuilding competition prep that I would have to endure. The hardest because I have been out of the game for 25 long years. Surprisingly it was not! Since Bud had me start my prep a full 16 weeks out it gave me enough time to gradually modify my diet, but not drastically which allowed me to lose about 1% body fat and several pounds a week.

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