This Mother Of Three Killed It Onstage
Occupation:Competition Bikini Designer/Maker
Hometown:Everett, WA
Beginning Weight:128 lbs
Ending Weight:119 lbs
NPC Competitor:Open Bikini

What made you decide to get help from a fitness/competition prep coach?

Working with Bud gives you results! In 2015 I competed in the NPC for the first time as a bikini competitor. Although I learned a lot and was proud of my conditioning, I didn’t feel that I was fully stage ready and lacked direction in other aspects of competing.

I had seen some of the competitors that Bud has turned out over the years, and that’s when I reached out! Bud brought competitor experience and knowledge while catering my workouts and diet specifically to my body type and metabolism. I believe this gave me overall better results and a tighter package to bring to my 2019 competition! Any information I needed, I was led in the right direction which only comes from experience… Supplementation, a posing coach, competition suits, massage, acupuncture, pretty much anything I needed he had a “go to person” which made me more comfortable than trying to navigate everything on my own.

What was your experience with working with Bud for your competition?

With Bud’s Training and guidance I was able to take fifth place in my novice division and third place overall! I could not have been more proud and happy with my results. I felt my best self both physically and mentally and brought a more competitive package! I looked better after birthing three children and a hernia surgery working with Bud in 2019 than I did in 2015 after two births by comparison!

I highly recommend Bud if you ever consider competing or to attain any other fitness goals. I believe I can achieve anything and will continue to be Team Bud 4 life👊


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